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Growtac Equal Brakes, Flat Mount

Growtac Equal Brakes, Flat Mount

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These Flat Mount Equal Disc Brakes from Growtac provide excellent modulation and power with a compact and lightweight design - perfect for your road, gravel, and touring bike.

In testing, we've found these brakes to have predictable modulation, confidence-inspiring system stiffness, and a natural, comfortable lever feel, offering superior performance to other mechanical disc brake calipers. In fact, it feels indistinguishable to even some hydraulic brakes, but without the massive servicing mess of hydraulic fluid.

Equal brakes, along with the included cables and housing, are developed and manufactured in Japan. 

  • Cable Pull: Road, short pull
  • Weight per caliper: 136g
  • Pad Actuation: Single piston

What's included in the box:

  • 2x Growtac Equal Flat Mount Brake Calipers
  • 2x road brake cables
  • 2x mtb brake cables
  • 1x front flat mount adaptor for 140mm or 160mm rotor.
  • 2x compressionless housing (stiff)
  • 2x non-compressionless housing (flexy)
  • Bunch of housing endcaps
  • Mounting hardware for the rear brake

Note: If you are mounting these brakes onto a frame designed for a 140mm rear rotor without adapting, but plan to run a 160mm rotor, you will need a rear flat mount adaptor.

For replacement pads, you can use Shimano K04, K03, and K05S-RX pads. You'll want to retain the Growtac pad assembly bolt, though, as that is unique to the Growtac calipers.

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