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Full Custom Frames

Want something different? We offer a full custom service where you get to work with us to design your custom frame. 

You want dropped or old school seatstays? Lugs, tapered headtube or even custom 3D printed frame parts? All that and more is possible with our full custom service.

Projects like these can be expensive, time consuming to design and fabricate. Prices are adjusted to the choices made in the design and fabrication phases. We will make recommendations and assist in every design consideration to make sure it fits our build style and manufacturing process. 

Understanding that owning a custom frame is an investment, and we ensure that your investment is protected. Each frame comes with a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty for the first owner, demonstrating our confidence in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial purchase, as we offer ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your steel frame in prime condition for years to come.

Please note: If we find request too outrageous, out of our build scope or carry any risk/safety concerns we reserve the right to refuse and/or not warranty the frame/frameset.

Full Custom Framesets are only available for:

  • Road
  • All Road
  • Gravel 
  • Touring  


The fit of every frame is the key to a great bike. We understand the importance of independent bike fitters. Our preferred method of fitting is using data from bike fitters and designing the frame around this data and input from the rider. However we can also offer basic fitting based on the riders body measurements and input from the rider. 


With our full custom service you are able to choose the steel or stainless tubeset for your custom frame as long we are able to source the material. Seatstay position, tyre clearance, dynamo routing, 3D printed parts and the list goes on.  Extra cost will vary depending on the tubes chosen and design considerations.  

Get in touch with us and let us know what you're looking for.

How to Order

The process begins with a thorough consultation between the customer and a skilled frame builder. This interaction allows for a comprehensive understanding of the rider's needs, preferences, and riding style. After the first discussion, if you would like to proceed. A non refundable deposit of RM500 is taken and this secures your spot in the build queue. 

At this stage we go through every detail, from geometry to tube selection. We try to meticulously discuss and fine-tune the design with the customer to create a personalized frameset. Upon finalisation of the requirements a quotation and invoice will be sent.

50% of the total price which will include the RM500 deposit is to be payed.

The next process begins by sourcing the materials, designing the parts and or tooling. This stage can be a lengthy process and lead-times and design considerations will be communicated to the customer accordingly. 

Fabrication from start of build generally takes 1-2 months. However this can change depending on complexity of the design.

Each customer is kept in the loop as we send progress pictures of the frame as it is being built. 

Once your build is completed the final 50% will be collected before final delivery.

In the end, the experience of getting a full custom steel bicycle frame is a journey of collaboration and craftsmanship. It's an investment in your passion. Fezz Cycles assures you a frame/frameset built to the best of our resources and ability. 

Thinking of getting yourself something special?

Head over to our contact page and let us know what interests you!


The starting price for a full custom frame (non stainless)
Reynolds 853 - RM 10800

We believe that along with great geometry the quality of the frame material is just as important. Our favourite non stainless bicycle tubing is Reynolds 853. Its amazing ride quality along with its high tensile strength is the benchmark to modern high end steel bicycle tubing. 

If you would like something different get in touch with us and let us know what tubing we can source.

The starting price for a full custom frame (stainless)
Reynolds 931 - RM 16800

 Stainless steel tubing gives you the benefit of corrosion resistance as well as the possibility of having a completely raw frame. Stainless Steel is not only more expensive but can only be fillet brazed with silver which adds to its cost. Careful heat control and finesse is needed when brazing these materials. We love our work to speak for itself. Stainless Steel Its the best way to show off the raw silver fillet brazed joints which we take so much pride in. 

Get in touch with us to see the options for stainless steel tubing. 


Most of the time deciding on the paintjob can be hardest part. We are able to paint minimalist colourways in-house which carry the Fezz branding. 

We try to keep our process simple and minimise the time for graphic design work, stencil cutting, masking etc. For advanced paintjobs that require more skilled hands. We send the frame to our highly skilled and trusted friends that specialize in bicycle painting. These paintjobs would require extensive correspondence with the customer and painter. Leadtimes follow the painter's schedule and cost depend on the complexity of the paintjob.   

For our stainless steel frames, we prefer to leave them raw to show off the natural beauty of the tubes and silver fillets. However painting our stainless frames is definitely possible.  

Payment Terms

  • An up-front build queue booking fee deposit of RM 500 is required. This deposit is non-refundable.
  • 50% upon pre-fabrication + Material purchase
  • 50% upon completion 


  • Estimated Lead Time: 10-12 months
  • Fabrication Time: Estimated 1-2 months (from start of build)
  • Paint: This will depend on the painter's schedule. For more complicated paint jobs, a special additional quote is required.


  • Please inquire delivery options