Growtac Equal Disc Brakes

We're absolutely chuffed to offer these powerful made-in-Japan mechanical disc brakes for your very own bike builds (and ours too). The mechanical design is quite clever, resulting in very strong braking with a natural lever feel that ramps up as you pull the brake lever. You definitely feel the modulation, instead of the dull on/off sensation that you typically get with other mechanical disc brakes. 

EQUAL Mechanical Disc Brake Calipers

The Equal mechanical disc brake caliper set is one of the best in the world for braking power and lightness. They offer the ease of maintenance that only mechanical systems can provide. From the ability to finely modulate braking in races, or easily dial in adjustments on long rides, this is a next-generation braking system that is useful in a variety of situations. Available in both flat mount and post mount.


The Growtac Equal mechanical disc brake calipers provide a high level of braking power that rivals that of hydraulic disc brakes, thanks to the total design of the calipers, cables, pads, and other components. In addition, the "brake-leverage adjustment function" allows you to adjust the braking force according to your weight and preference. These mechanical disc brake calipers are available in both flat mount and post mount options.

Lightweight and Powerful

To achieve both high rigidity and lightness, the Equal brake calipers are made with high-strength duralumin, and involves a high degree of precision machining for almost all parts of the caliper during the manufacturing process.

The caliper weighs 136 grams (flat mount model, including brake pads), making it one of the lightest mechanical disc brake calipers in the world. The entire brake system, including cables and other components, is comparable in weight to a high-grade hydraulic brake system. For racers and climbers who still prefer using mechanical and are concerned about weight, the Growtac Equal brakes come highly recommended.

Brake Leverage Adjustment

The design of the Equal brake caliper incorporates a brake leverage adjustment function that allows riders to adjust the brake power to suit their weight and preference.

By simply turning the cable barrel adjuster and paying attention to the visual indicator, you can tune the brake feel to find a balance between an an emphasis on control or an increase in initial braking power — modulation at its best!

Optimized Cable Routing

Close attention to details also means looking at how to optimize the cable routing when designing the Equal brake caliper. Optimal cable routing reduces sliding resistance, resulting in a lighter lever pull and improved transmission efficiency. It also makes for a much easier installation process, and visually cleaner brake lines.

Growtac Equal Brakes