About Us


Hi I'm Faritz. I'm an industrial designer that has been passionately building bicycle frames since 2015. 

In Malaysia, there are no options locally for lessons in constructing a bicycle frame. Because of this I had to figure out how to teach myself how to build a bicycle frame. From learning to weld and braze building the fixtures and acquiring the tooling and materials. 

In the beginning i started off by repairing vintage and neglected steel bicycle frames and learning about their construction and manufacturing techniques. Eventually I ventured into building and designing my own frames with a heavy influence of what I learnt from the years of repair work.

Starting FEZZ Cycles, I focus on crafting reliable steel and stainless bicycle frames. I like handcrafted touches, clean lines, smooth joints and a mix of classic and modern building techniques and aesthetics. 

FEZZ Cycles offers 2 Stainless Steel silver fillet brazed models with optional extras to make your frame suite your needs. And a Full Custom Service where you can choose your tubing and design your frame alongside us to get something truly special. 

Each FEZZ frame is designed and built to order, one at a time and to the best of our ability.


Faritz Muslim
FEZZ Cycles